API docs

If you want to use an endpoint other than the sample endpoint, you need to have a token.

Tokens are, for the moment, valid for 24 hours. Generate and activate one here:

---- Generated token goes here ----

Avatars through the API are in SVG format, and by default the stroke is black and no background shape. See below for options.

Sample random avatar

GET .../V1/sample_avatar

Returns a single, random avatar


  • None

Example snippets:

curl https://99avatars.com/api/V1/sample_avatar

Multiple, random avatars

GET .../V1/{token}/random_avatars

Returns a list of random avatars of length <code>count</code>.


  • count

    • Number of avatars in respons
    • Accepted values: min 1, max 10
    • Defaults to: 1
  • stroke_color

    • Stroke color of the SVG
    • Accepted values: black
    • Defaults to: black
  • background_shape

    • Background shape of the SVG, sets one of 6 random fill colors
    • Accepted values: none, circle, square
    • Defaults to: none

Example snippets:

curl https://99avatars.com/api/V1/123-xxx/random_avatars

curl https://99avatars.com/api/V1/123-xxx/random_avatars?count=5

curl https://99avatars.com/api/V1/123-xxx/random_avatars?color=black

curl https://99avatars.com/api/V1/123-xxx/random_avatars?count=5&color=black

curl https://99avatars.com/api/V1/123-xxx/random_avatars?background_shape=circle

Validate token

GET .../V1/{token}/validate

Returns valid or invalid and the expiration date/time


  • None

Example snippets:

curl https://99avatars.com/api/V1/123-xxx/validate